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Sian’s Yarns is a passion project for Sian who loves to make things in her home studio in Adelaide, Australia. All items are carefully handmade with joy in gorgeous bright colours.

Sian (rhymes with “yarn”) is a life-long maker who started experimenting with yarn at a very young age. Her style has developed and broadened over the years into various crafts, usually in the textile field. There are always threads involved and they are always unique and gorgeous, truly “Uncommon Threads”! Sian loves working with bright colours and high-contrast shades with most pieces being one-of-a-kind to accommodate her ever-changing interests.

Being environmentally-conscious is a constant consideration at Sian’s Yarns. Yarn is dyed and fabric washed using rainwater wherever possible and solar energy is used to power the dyeing/sewing process. All detergents used are biodegradable and sourced from Australian manufacturers. Sian goes to great lengths to ensure minimal fabric waste, with patchwork and quilted designs common in her work. She also regularly works with recycled or upcycled fabrics which brings new life to pre-loved items. The inevitable small fabric scraps are recycled responsibly through Upparel. Shipping is also eco-conscious, with compostable packaging and carbon-neutral postage couriers used wherever possible.

Sian is always working on something new, and there’s always something just around the corner to discover! We can’t wait to show you what’s coming next.


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